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Go Phoenix-Chandler Meetup - December 2014

Go Phoenix-Chandler Meetup


One month after the November meetup it was time for another meetup. After the great success of the first meetup in November, I was extremely excited for December’s meetup but this one was a bit different. …I was presenting.

The evenings’s topic was getting started and up and running with Go as well as a look into Go’s tool set. I thought it was a great topic since there were a number of people at the previous month’s meeting who hadn’t even written a line of code and now they had the oppurtunity to get their enironments up and running as well as get a degree of familiarity with the tools. The meetup was held again at InfusionSoft and was accompanied by beer and pizza.

The presentation began and ended as expected and was a great experience. The presentation can be found here and the slides and associated files can be found here.