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Go Phoenix-Chandler Meetup - November 2014

Go Phoenix-Chandler Meetup


Having never gone to a Meetup before, I was recently intriged in what the Valley had to offer for a community around a few of my interests. Over the past 4 months I’ve fallen head over heals in love with Go (golang) so naturally that’s the first Meetup I looked for. As luck would have it, the day I look a new group was forming and was planning their inaugural event.

Sheena, Dave, and InfusionSoft were kind enough to sponsor, promote, and host the Inaugural Event at the InfusionSoft headquarters in Chandler and generously provided pizza, soda, and beer.

The turnout was pretty good with around 22 attendees. Everyone took a moment to stand up and introduce themselves and say a few quick words on their experience with Go and what they wanted to get out of the meetup. The group was pretty diverse with individuals with deep Go experience to others that had no experience at all.

After an intro talk and a quick talk on some Go tech, we broke into groups to discuss what we’d like to see at the next and upcoming meetings. The groups came up with a ton of great ideas and I’m excited for the coming meetings.